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Luxtrust aims to answer the impossible question of “what stocks should I buy?” by presenting robust empirical evidence straight from the experts, and making it accessible to you, the retail investor. We aim to make these findings easy to apply individually, without having to use third parties, thereby eliminating investment fees. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to completely eliminate investment fees by revolutionizing “do it yourself” investing. Rather than selling you our “winning” investment strategy, our unique approach is based solely on findings gathered from people that know the best: academics. By forwarding this information for you to implement yourself, individual investors can bypass unnecessary fees charged by advisors and funds.

Why Luxtrust and not robo-advisors or mutual funds?


  • Mutual funds are expensive and often do not outperform the market. Robo-advisors will automatically invest your money in a mix of fixed income and ETFs, after a very basic risk-tolerance questionnaire. In addition to fees that grow to be significant in the long-term, their premise of passive investing (ETFs) can easily be applied yourself

Financial advisors often make their investment fees appear insignificant. However, they can add up to be substantial after longer periods of time: A mere 2% fee on an initial investment of $10,000 to which you contribute $5,000 every year could end up losing you $60,000* within 20 years! 

*Assuming 8% annual market return

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